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“As with most women, I’ve had some pretty horrible experiences with hairdressers . . . until Dan at the Barbery was recommended by a co-worker over 20 years ago. With Dan’s quiet expertise he honors your requests and creates a style that makes you look and feel great.”

Maggie L


“From the 70’s and beyond…Dan has been my chief beautician since I was in 7th grade. He took me from the Dorothy Hamel to the feathered Farah Faucette, and through the perm era. (Well over a decade of perms!) He did big hair of the 80’s like nobody’s business! Gracefully over time he grew out my bangs and talked my hair down. He now cuts, highlights my hair and manages my grey! You won’t find a better cut and color anywhere!

While managing my hair, he also has coifed my teenage daughters’ hair since birth. He gently talks them out of unflattering dos and adds highlights here and there to keep their summer blonde.”


“A happy wife makes a happy life. That’s why I’ve been going to Dan for nearly 20 years. I used to take any old hack job I could get at a walk in salon. My wife finally convinced me to give Dan at The Barbery a try. I haven’t gone anywhere since. And, over the years, he has been doing a lot more with less…hair that is.”



“When I was in college at UWM, I went to Dan for my hair. Following college, my career relocated me. When I returned to Milwaukee years later, I lost track of Dan. Some months later, a friend was talking about Dan who does her hair. After asking some questions, I decided to make an appointment to see if this was the same Dan. To my delight, I found him! Often I have had people ask, who does your hair? I’ve counted at least the people I can remember; 10 referrals were made to Dan because of that question. All of them have been happy with his services and most importantly their hair. He is also an invaluable source about Milwaukee as you will find out when you are being styled.”



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